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Friday, February 1, 2008


Very soon I'll have many scrapbook pages to share. I spent half the weekend last weekend scrappin' the night away, to the tune of 3 am! I'm still recovering! I got quite a few pages completed and a few I just have to add titles to and maybe a few more embellies. I als discovered I CAN scrap on the go. I really never thought I'd be able to scrap if I didn't have all my stuff KWIM??? It was so easy BECAUSE I didn't have all my stuff. And you know wht? I really like the pages. Less is definitely more. I have also come up with a plan to get more scrappin' done at home as well. When I was getting ready for the weekend I chose some pictures picked some cardstock and patterned paper to match and had like 8 or 9 layouts ready to go. I'm totally devoting Sunday's to this process. I'll have a bunch of pages ready to scrap with the hardest part already behind me. I'll let you know if I actually accomplish any of this! LOL.

Lastly...I totally screwed up one of said layouts by adding some rub-ons that I know don't come out really well but I was giving them one last shot before I chucked them. They were $10 I'd hate to not give them a fair chance. Sadly they still sucked and the layout was ruined! I tried for 30 minutes to add a piece of pattern paper over the top and it just wasn't working. I decided to grab my handy adhesive remover and give it a try. I couldn't make it any worse...right? Guess what? IT WORKED!! I've only tried it on this one brand but I'm confident that you can remove any of them with the adhesive remover. I'll let you know if I come across a brand that it doesn't work for but for now, I'm going with it!

I'll have a new scrapbook page every day for the next few days (starting tomorrow!) and don't forget to check out the Embellish-It design team gallery on Feb. 5th.

make it a great day!

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