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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sarah Kay Stamps for sale!

Good Morning! I have a ton of Sarah Kay Stamps for sale. My mom closed her scrapbook/stamping store so we are trying to get rid of some product!
Each stamp will sell for $4.50 instead of the normal $8.50.
Here's a list of what's available and the quantities.

Andre Carrying Watermelon ~4
Lynette Collection Her Vegetables ~4
Adele Enjoying Fresh Apples~5
Bernadette Admiring The Spring Flowers ~3
Isabelle With Puppy Coco~3
Josephine In The Watermelon Patch ~5
Olivia With Her Kittens Kiki And Sugar ~5
Zoe Gazing At The Butterfly~2
Jean-Luc Playing Ball With Claude~3
Noël Faith ~2
Noel Charity~3

Noel Eve ~3
Noel Shepherd~2
Noel Santa ~2
Noel Treats ~3
Noel Stocking~1
A Lollipop For Susan~2
Lucy and Kitty~2
Gardens Need Many Helpers~1
Spring Is Back~4
Can I Tell You A Secret~2
Rosalies Bicycle~5
Country Girl ~1
Puppy Love~1
A Little Help From Margot~4
Time For Apple Pie ~5
Best Friends Forever ~4
Picnic Time ~3
Spring Blossoms ~1
The Joy Of Giving~2

Shipping charges are as follows:

1 or 2 stamps $2.00 per stamp
3-8 stamps $5.15
9+ stamps email for shipping charge

Paypal Only

If you are interested send me an email to julieokada(at) live(dot) com.

thanks so much for stopping by today!

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